a very bad habit...


Is when every single time you go to the beauty supply store to pick up necessities for work you buy a nail polish... Granted, I get Essie or OPI for a good price but it adds up when you have a a bit of an obsession. The girls that work there know to tell me as soon as I walk in what new lines or colors they have just recieved... Is that a bad sign? What do you think? How many nail colors does a girl really need? ...Wait, maybe don't answer that...

2 note/s:

  1. Is that bad? No...but expensive? Yes! At 8 bucks a pop...that's like 2 latte's at Starbucks...!!!

  2. I get them for $5 each but it's still pretty bad..... at least I'm not a coffee drinker also! Haha.



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