rainy day schedule


As I grew up, when I got picked up from school on a rainy day, I would always get to have "Rainy Day Schedule" which consisted of cinnamon and sugar toast and hot cocoa. Despite the wet and cold weather at school all day, I was really excited because I knew a cozy, warm, snuggled- up afternoon awaited me. It wasn't until years later that I discovered that this wasn't something that everyone did. It's a great tradition if you're looking for a new one, especially for kids!

"Rainy Day Schedule" may be responsible, in part, for my lifelong love affair with rain. I annoy many of my friends and coworkers who enjoy being crabby in the "drab" weather because I could not be in a better mood. The clothes that we get to wear in the cold and rain are much more fun than in warm and sunny weather: boots, scarves, sweaters, tights, hats.... the list goes on. At home after a day out in the chilly rain? Time for a fire, pajamas and a glass of red wine. What's not to like?

So there's one tribute to rainy days and I'm sure many will follow...

4 note/s:

  1. i love that picture. and i agree with you!!

  2. But if you lived in MI where it rained a lot more & was gloomy most of the winter, you couldn't have rainy day schedule cause you would be eating sugar & cin. toast 2/3 of the year!! You would have to have sunny day schedule there. :)

  3. I agree with The Kid. When the sun shines in MI they have "sunshine slow downs" on the highways because everyone gets blinded by that big yellow ball in the sky. (What is that thing?) Ha- I know about it now, I live in blue sky country!



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