never wear just anything


I had a break from the salon so I went to lunch with a friend. After lunch I still had an hour to kill before my next client... So of course I did what any reasonable, sensible girl would do with an hour to kill...

When I walked into Nordstrom, I noticed the display. The below sign especially caught my attention. I can't stop thinking about it. What an inspiration!

I love fashion, however, I will at times go out without much thought to my appearance. This one quote may have changed all that. Why not always look your best? It's worth it to take a little time and put forth a little effort every day to look our best, isn't it? It makes quite a difference in the day when you have dressed yourself thoughtfully and on purpose. Dressing is an art that takes talent and practice. Each and every day should count. After all, the world is our runway.

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