anniversary gift


Last nite began our celebration weekend! Every April 1st we celebrate the anniversary of the day we met. Last nite we exchanged gifts. For me? A Nook Simple Touch and case (as shown above) and, of course, a book light. In no way a replacement for the real written page, however, it has its advantages:

Number 1: Space-saver. We live in a tiny shoebox of an apartment, which we happen to love. But if I keep collecting books & magazines at the rate I have my whole life, there will be floor to ceiling books & magazines with nothing but cramped walkways for us to move about in no-time.

Number 2: Convenience. This slender, lightweight device contains your entire library. Whether at home in bed, on a break at work, waiting for an appointment, or on a long flight, you can choose whatever you feel like reading at that moment. The Bible? Real Simple magazine? Jane Eyre? Shakespeare's Sonnets? Lonely Planet travel book? It's ALL there!

Number 3: Last, but not least. A Kate Spade case with this message:

she is a
voracious reader
and a
superb dancer

happy reading!

Need I say more?

a very bad habit...


Is when every single time you go to the beauty supply store to pick up necessities for work you buy a nail polish... Granted, I get Essie or OPI for a good price but it adds up when you have a a bit of an obsession. The girls that work there know to tell me as soon as I walk in what new lines or colors they have just recieved... Is that a bad sign? What do you think? How many nail colors does a girl really need? ...Wait, maybe don't answer that...

all this rain makes me miss...







 It must be all the gloomy weather the the past few days... It's making me nostalgic...

rainy day schedule


As I grew up, when I got picked up from school on a rainy day, I would always get to have "Rainy Day Schedule" which consisted of cinnamon and sugar toast and hot cocoa. Despite the wet and cold weather at school all day, I was really excited because I knew a cozy, warm, snuggled- up afternoon awaited me. It wasn't until years later that I discovered that this wasn't something that everyone did. It's a great tradition if you're looking for a new one, especially for kids!

"Rainy Day Schedule" may be responsible, in part, for my lifelong love affair with rain. I annoy many of my friends and coworkers who enjoy being crabby in the "drab" weather because I could not be in a better mood. The clothes that we get to wear in the cold and rain are much more fun than in warm and sunny weather: boots, scarves, sweaters, tights, hats.... the list goes on. At home after a day out in the chilly rain? Time for a fire, pajamas and a glass of red wine. What's not to like?

So there's one tribute to rainy days and I'm sure many will follow...

a perfect sunday afternoon is...


When your best friend brings you champagne and caviar and you watch girlie movies one after the other. Mmm... Doesn't that look delicious?!



A very great friend of mine living in China sent me the article below. What a good read... But really it is more than just that. For those of us that are not content to settle, this one's for you.

a new love


I love all things English. The literature, the films, the weather, the landscape, the people.

The first time I went to the UK I was 16 and it was perfect timing. What an impression England made on me. It was everything I had expected and hoped it would be from all the hours spent in my imagination at Pemberly with Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy. My parents bought the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice for me as a middle school graduation gift (on VHS believe it or not) and it is to this day one of the best gifts I have ever received. I have since replaced those worn out tapes with the 2-disc DVD set, yet I cannot bring myself to throw away those 6 old tapes.

So as Pride and Prejudice is one of those old, tried- and- true loves of mine and so many of us, it seems there is a new love capturing our hearts. A friend of mine, a couple months back, asked me how I am enjoying the new season of Downton Abbey. She had automatically assumed, knowing about me all that has been previously stated, that I was an avid watcher...

She was wrong. I had heard all the ravings about Downton, but had not yet put it in my Netflix queue. She was adamant that I rectify the situation immediately. I did, and let me tell you, I am ever so glad. I am now in the middle of Season 1 and blasting through it to be ready for the new season to begin. I have been waiting for a show to hook me and Downton is more than I could have ever anticiapated. It is full of drama and intrigue. The costume design and cinematography is perfection. It is a new love and will find itself amongst the ranks of old loves, I am very sure, for years to come.

never wear just anything


I had a break from the salon so I went to lunch with a friend. After lunch I still had an hour to kill before my next client... So of course I did what any reasonable, sensible girl would do with an hour to kill...

When I walked into Nordstrom, I noticed the display. The below sign especially caught my attention. I can't stop thinking about it. What an inspiration!

I love fashion, however, I will at times go out without much thought to my appearance. This one quote may have changed all that. Why not always look your best? It's worth it to take a little time and put forth a little effort every day to look our best, isn't it? It makes quite a difference in the day when you have dressed yourself thoughtfully and on purpose. Dressing is an art that takes talent and practice. Each and every day should count. After all, the world is our runway.

take a hike


Yesterday my husband and I did something new and different for us... Ready for it?
We were outdoor-sy! We went for a hike by a nearby lake and then drove a bit further for a sunset walk on the beach. It was a sunny, clear California afternoon with just the perfect amount of breeze. And I realized something: Why do we not do this more?? It was relaxing and calm, yet energizing and refreshing to be outside just the two of us. No phone, no TV, no computer, no music, no chores, no errands, no running at high speed through my never ending to-do list. Just peace. Just quiet...
Well, relative quiet anyway, I tend to chatter aimlessly. But we were together, really together. One may think, "oh you're married, you're together all the time." Not really. Life moves at such a fast pace and even if you are physically in the same place at the same time, oftentimes you can find yourselves far apart. An average weekend packed with the usual responsibilities and social events can fly by and its back to Monday feeling like we barely had any time to connect.
So this weekend was yet another lesson learned. Let's take the time to be really together. To enjoy the weekend, enjoy life and enjoy each other. Take a walk, take a hike.

another word about hedgehogs


One side is the rabbit. The other says "you are the cream in my coffee." Need I say more?
It just drew me... Like a moth to a flame. As does most everything at Anthropologie. Anthropologie is my mecca... The mothership if you will.
Today I went with my husband to work. I read and studied while he worked a half day. Then? We played! I can hardly believe it. Playing on a Thursday. We went to lunch and shopping, wherein I bought said rabbit glass at the mothership. What fun it was to play hooky!
Happy Thursday all!


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