maps + pins


I love to spin a globe, close my eyes, point to a place. Nepal, Oman, Tunisia. Next: Research Nepal, Oman, Tunisia. What I really wish I could do is go on a whim to anywhere my finger lands on that globe. There are few greater joys in life than adding a metal pin to the world map in our kitchen. The metal pins belong on each country we have been to. They look so lonely next to the fabric pins that signify the places we want to explore. Greece, Croatia, Iceland, The Seychelles, India, Israel, ... The list goes on. And with each trip is one more must-see ticked off the list and one more priceless memory. However, there will always be another foreign place, another must-see, another spin on that globe, and I'm glad because the excitement of anticiapation is equal in worth to the remembrance of past adventures.

weight loss tip


Yesterday I read an article in Allure magazine that caught my eye. It was about how to lose weight, as are most articles that attract my attention. It listed 8 tips. Tip #6: Don't fall in love. Oops, so that's my problem. It said, and I quote: "Girl Meets Boy. Girl Eats like Boy. Girl's Pants Don't Zip." Amen to that one. After nearly 7 years of marriage I think I am finally getting it. Unfair as it may seem, it is a fact of life. It may seem obvious to some, but for me? An epiphany. So, that's my contribution to the world today. Hope it benefits someone else as much as it has benefitted me. Many thanks to Allure.


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